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Hey! My name is Brennan. Nice to meet you.

I help eCommerce businesses add an additional 20k-50k to their monthly revenue by creating new revenue streams and increasing their Customer Lifetime Value. 

To date I've helped generate around $8,000,000 in revenue for clients.

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Check out some of the wins I've gotten clients...


I helped Athletic Greens increase their email conversions by 50%. This added an additional $220,000 to their revenue over 6 months.


I revived Ameo Life's dying email list from 1,494 active subscribers to 5,837 engaged recipients. The average order value of a subscriber is ~$157.79, creating the opportunity to reclaim 680k in "previously lost" revenue.

I've discovered and fixed leaky “money holes” that have increased their MRR by at least $2,500 on autopilot.

I scaled Crown & Paw's monthly email revenue from $0 to $100,000+ per month

Some other cool brands I've helped make more money...

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 6.51.47 PM.png

(Printy Pets)

Kind words others have said about me...

“Brennan has been an irreplaceable asset to several marketing initiatives I have led over the last 3 years. His creativity and copywriting skills have increased our email conversion rates by 50%. He has a natural gift of understanding complex customer problems and crafting simple but powerful messaging to address their needs.”


Mary Coggins - Former Head of Email Marketing for Athletic Greens

Brennan has been a great addition to our team and has improved our email marketing incredibly well. We have generated a significant amount of extra income since hiring Brennan."

Adam Reed - CEO of APR Ecommerce

Interested in adding an additional 20k, 30k or even 50k to your eCom store's monthly revenue on autopilot?

Let's chat.

Still here?

Maybe you'd like to hear a bit more about me. (...and not just what I do...)


This picture pretty much sums up the "non-professional" part of my life...


I'm on a mission to find the best pizzas that the world has to offer.

I'm also a big comic book fan.


I love delicious coffee and wine, and I can often be found drinking one of these options by the beach in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Well, that's it. You made it to the end. If you'd like to chat about adding an additional 20k, 30k or even 50k to your eCom store's monthly revenue on autopilot - just click here.

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